Who Was Zara Abid? Know All About Pakistani Model Who Allegedly Died In PIA Plane Crash


‘Zindagi Gulzar Hai’ actress Ayesha Omar also shared an emotional note for Zara Abid. She reminisced the time they won their ‘biggest awards together’ this year.
She wrote, “Zara and I won our biggest awards together this year, at the Hum style awards, in January. That was the last time I met her and the only time I got to really connect with her. It was me who presented the award to her, along with the two Tariqs. She was weeping with joy on stage when she received her award and I remember hugging her tightly and saying baby, you deserve this so much. I remember she was too overwhelmed with emotion, to talk much on stage. A little later I received my award and had tears in my eyes during my speech as well. We both met backstage right after, and shared this overwhelming experience together. After some hugging and sobbing, we fixed our faces and took these beautiful photos. This is how I’ll always remember you Zara. Smiling, warm, vulnerable and happy, celebrating the fruit of your hard work. I didn’t know you too well but the amazing things we are all hearing about you from your friends tell us what a wonderful, kind soul you were. You worked hard to support your family and had big dreams, some of which you were able to catch…. but you left us too soon. We will not forget this day… this horrific reminder of how unpredictable life is. Praying for your soul and for your family, along with the families of all those departed. May Allah give them strength. Rest in eternal peace, beautiful. Fly high in the heavens. You must have done a lot of things right to be blessed with departing on Jumma tul Widah.”

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