Virtual Flower-Arranging Classes : Friendship Fridays

Blossom Hill is helping to bring friends together with its Friendship Fridays, an evening that virtually unites friends who are apart for flower-arranging and sipping on gin fizz. Weekly, 150 people and their chosen friend are chosen to get a bottle of Blossom Hill’s rhubarb gin fizz and a bouquet of flowers. These gifts arrive just in time for the virtual workshop, which is held at the end of the week on Zoom. To enter, social media users are invited to post a picture of themselves and a friend on Instagram using #TogetherLetsBlossom. Those who participate in the Friendship Fridays experience will be guided through making either a floral headpiece or a corsage, offering fun way for friends to come together from afar and brush up on what may be a new skill.

Image Credit: Blossom Hill

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