Troye Sivan Came Out As Part Heterosexual In A Brave TikTok And Really, I’m Just So Proud Of Him


Updated 1 hour ago. Posted on Sep 24, 2020

Troye Sivan has started desiring you!

And he really wants you to know his life has improved ever since!

“My life has become so much better since I started desiring women,” Troye said from the seat of a car.

“Hey girls,” he said in a sexy voice.

“I love you, girls,” he cooed.

He ended the TikTok with a call to action.

So, there you have it! Troye Sivan desires women now and is doing great!

Congrats to women everywhere! Bye!


Per the BuzzFeed “Gay Legal Team” aka half this website: I need to remind everyone that Troye is kidding and that you probably shouldn’t DM him. What you can do is stream his new EP, In A Dream.

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