Top 100 Health Trends in May

The May 2020 health trends feature the latest tech and design innovations within the health and wellness sphere, many of which were devised as solutions to keep their user safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. With many students having to adjust to increased stress levels now that schools have opted for online classes, Afterglow responded by launching its Glow Girl program, which was created with tweens and teens in mind. Through its guided meditation and yoga classes, Afterglow aims to empower young viewers by giving them constructive tools so that they can better cope with stress and anxiety, while also improving their self confidence.

Another feature is the Micrashell by Production Club, an conceptual full-body suit that could be used within bars, clubs, concert venues, and sports stadiums to allow for in-person participation while still adhering to social distancing guidelines. Production Club is currently looking to patent the design, which creates an air-tight seal around the wearer to protect them from any contaminates they could come into contact with.

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