Sandra Sallin, the 79-year-old beauty influencer who is setting new goals


At 79, one would be expected to enjoying their time off their basic responsibilities and sit and enjoy the view with a cup of tea or a mug of coffee and a book in your hand. But that’s not true for Sandra Sallin, a 79-year-old beauty influencer on Instagram with over 20,000 followers and counting.

Her bio reads: Artist; 79-year-old blogger, with way too many lipsticks; About women of a certain age; Kissed by wolves

Sandra shares her beauty and makeup tutorials, the products she uses along with what works best for mature skin.

Sporting grey hair in a blunt bob haircut, Sandra often wears dresses or summery dresses in her videos, along with fun jewellery like statement neckpieces and rings.

Usually seen with perfectly manicured nails with a bright red nailpaint on, Sandra talks about how she has pigmentation and marks due to illness. She’s been married for 60 years and recently turned 80 years old.

In one video, Sandra goes on to share the products that work best for her. In the caption she mentions: “Some products that answer skin problems.

1. Tizo Primer/sunscreen

2. Amlactin Foot Cream

3. Amlactin Body Lotion

4. Donna Karan Cashmere Mist. deodorant”


However, her Instagram account is not just about beauty tutorials, but also a place where she shares memories from her photography archives, her paintings and also her support for certain causes.

Mirror, Mirror on the wall

In a more recent, albeit fun video, Sallin talks about how she needs makeup badly lest she should scare her neighbours away and then goes on to apply foundation and blend it in. She says, “I said I didn’t want to scare my neighbors, well these days I scare myself. I’ve gained weight, my hair is way too long –– it desperately needs to be cut and straightened –– and I’m even drinking Diet Coke. Help. Like Snow White’s evil mother, I hate looking into the mirror.”


“I’ve got to do something to look half way decent. So, I’m trying some new products to see if they will help. True, I have to realize I am 79. What can I expect? I’m worried that if I get my hair done, my vanity will get me into a hospital bed. Bottom line, I’m the poster child for I NEED MAKEUP BADLY!,” she adds.

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