Rojgar Bazaar 2.0: Delhi Govt To Launch New Portal For Indian Youth To Find Entry Level Jobs


New Delhi: The Delhi Government is set to launch the Rojgar Bazaar 2.0 portal which will help Indian youth find entry-level jobs. The app comes after the Rojgaar Bazaar portal which was launched last year that became useful for youths looking for jobs and small businesses looking for skilled workers in Delhi. 

Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia claimed that the Rojgaar Bazaar 2.0 would be a first-of-its-kind innovative platform launched by any state government to provide all employment-related services seamlessly to its citizens according to ANI. 

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According to the statement issued by the govt last week, the Rojgar Bazaar 2.0 will be a “gateway to access skill training, career guidance and skill credentialling and a mobile app will also be made available”.

Sisodia added that the new Rojgar Bazaar 2.0 portal will bring “all the services related to skill training, career guidance and job matching on a first-of-its kind digital platform in India”. 

“Over 14 lakh job-seekers and 10 lakh jobs have already been advertised on the current Rojgar Bazaar portal and no other job matching platform by any state government in India has been so successful. But we don’t want to stop here,” he said.

Sisodia said, ”This platform will also provide a range of other critical services. This will range from skilling, career guidance, skill credentialing and automated analytics services, all of which will help in enhancing the job seekers’ ability to gain meaningful livelihoods. While services such as skilling and career guidance will help the job seeker to pursue an aspirational career, a strong analytics platform will provide the Government with rich insights to frame policies and drive on ground positive impact.”


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