PM Modi On 100 Cr Vaccination: Free Vaccination, Sabka Sath & Self Reliance Helped India


New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation for the 10th time since the outbreak of the Covid 19 pandemic in March 2020. PM Modi congratulated the country as India achieved the historic milestone of 100 Crore Covid vaccine in the country. 

 PM Modi said, ” India has achieved the difficult but extraordinary target of 1 billion, that is, 100 crore vaccine doses. This achievement is because of the fighting spirit and commitment of 130 crore countrymen. Hence, this success is the success of India, the success of every countryman.”

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Key points of PM Modi’s speech:

1. Covid vaccines manufacturing within the country made India self-reliant

Taking a jibe at the opposition parties, PM Modi said that today many people are comparing India’s vaccination program with other countries of the world claiming that our country is still lagging behind but the speed with which India crossed the 100 crore mark is also being appreciated. However, in this analysis, one thing is often missed that from where did we begin. 

India earlier mainly depended on vaccines made by other countries, but today we are self-reliant and everyone is watching how India has achieved such a milestone of 1 billion vaccination. Other countries had expertise in researching vaccines, manufacturing them but India made itself Atmanirbhar and showed the world its strength.

PM Modi said that during the beginning of the pandemic many questions were being raised such as “Will the people of India get the vaccine or not? Will India be able to vaccinate enough people to stop the pandemic from spreading? Today, this 100 crore vaccination is answering every question.”

2. India launched Vaccine for free, Vaccine For Everyone, and achieved the 100 cr vaccination

PM Modi further said on the 100-cr vaccination that the government ensured that VIP culture does not overshadow our vaccination program and everyone is treated equally, 

PM Modi said, “Taking everyone along, the country started the campaign of ‘Vaccine for free, Vaccine for everyone’. Poor-rich, village-city, the country has only one mantra that if the disease does not discriminate, then there cannot be any discrimination in the vaccine. So it was ensured that the VIP culture does not dominate the vaccination campaign.”

The Prime Minister further said that at the beginning of the Corona epidemic, many expressed their fears that it would be very difficult to fight this pandemic in a democracy like India. It was also being said for India, that so much discipline won’t work in a democratic country like India, but for us, democracy means ‘Sabka Sath’.

Our first line of defence against pandemic was public participation, as part of which people lit diyas, banged thalis. Some people had questioned saying “Will it help us get rid of the disease”…?: PM Modi said

3. India’s Vaccination program ‘Science based’

Prime Minister Modi further emphasized that now foreigners are visiting the country without any fear as India is running its robust vaccination programme. PM Modi said that we should be proud of the fact that India’s entire vaccination program has been ‘science-driven and science-based. It’s based on scientific methods, entirely.

PM Modi applauded the researchers and vaccine manufactures who worked day and night to help India achieve this feat and ensured that the country will soon defeat the Covid pandemic.

4. Experts positive about India’s economy

PM Modi also emphasized the country’s economy which was badly hit during the lockdown because of the Covid 19 pandemic. PM Modi said that experts and many agencies from home and abroad are very positive about India’s economy. He said, “Today not only record investment is coming in Indian companies but new employment opportunities are also being created for the youth. With record investment in start-ups, record start-ups, unicorns are being made.”

5.  Vocal for Local should be put into practice

PM Modi reiterated his motto of promoting vocal for local. He said that this should be brought into practice by the people. He said, “Just like Swachh Bharat Abhiyan is a mass movement, in the same way, buying things made in India, buying things made by Indians, being Vocal for Local, we have to put this into practice.”

PM Modi insisted on buying even the little things which are Made in India, things for which an Indian has worked hard. PM urged the citizens to put this into practice and help the country take another step towards Atamanirbhar Bharat.



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