Obsessed with Ella Emhoff’s coat: Netizens call Kamala Harris’ stepdaughter a ‘style icon’


It was not just Kamala Harris who won praises for Inauguration Day outfit, her stepdaughter Ella Emhoff also grabbed eyeballs with her classy style.

The 22-year-old stood out in a bedazzled Miu Miu coat at the ceremony. She paired the embellished coat with an oversized white collar and a burgundy dress by designer Batsheva.
Netizens can’t stop talking about Ella Emhoff’s embellished coat. (Source: AP)
Ella, a textile design student at Parsons in New York City, is gradually making a mark with her quirky sense of style. She had previously spoken about what she might wear on Inauguration Day, in an interview with Garage. “I want to, but like I was saying before, my style and my practice are so different, but I think I might have to just make an exception because for such a momentous occasion, I think it does require a pretty momentous outfit.”

Besides, the budding designer keeps sharing glimpses of her own knitted creations on Instagram from rib dresses to scrap pants, each quite eye-catching.

Ella’s sense of style has already won love and attention from netizens. Here’s how they responded to her Inauguration Day look:

What do you think of Ella Emhoff’s look?

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