#Masterchef: This mom helps mothers win kids’ heart, one tiffin at a time


“The only way a mother can be present with her child in their school is through the lunch box. I would make different types of tiffins for my children and also leave small notes inside the tiffin to inspire them and tell them that I love them.” This is the sentiment of every mother who wishes to connect with her child, and brighten their day while they are away at school. Uma Raghuraman, one such mother, went all out for her kids, and started preparing their lunchboxes with some extra #TLC. Raghuraman, a mother, blogger and author, later went on to compile these lunchbox recipes for her book titled My Genius Lunchbox, which aims to help parents jazz up their kids tiffins! “I felt that every parent must be going through challenges of unfinished tiffins and so, I started sharing my recipes through my blog and eventually released a book,” says Raghuraman.

Featuring stunning photographs, this book is divided into six sections: one for each weekday and a bonus section that includes recipes for bite-sized snacks. Talking about how it all started, Raghuraman says, “Me and my family moved to Delhi-NCR in early 2000s and that was the time I really started re-thinking on the lunch box dishes I was preparing, as I used to get unfinished lunch boxes after my kids came home from school. I quickly realised that children now prefer finger foods and fun dishes as part of their lunch boxes.”

After experimenting with interesting food recipes, Raghuraman soon started receiving finished lunch boxes! “My children come home and tell me ‘Amma, today lunch was yummy! My friends also enjoyed it’ and that is priceless to my ears. So, I would try everyday to make their lunch box experience better and better,” she adds.

Raghuraman’s children eventually gave her the title of Masterchefmom, a term she to used to start her food blog with. “The biggest appreciation I got from my children for all the efforts I took during their schooling years was the title they gave me of Masterchefmom. It is my kids who asked me to name my blog the same,” says Raghuraman.

So which recipe in My Genius Lunchbox is the authors favourite? “Each of the recipe in the book is a favourite, and that is the main reason that they are part of the book. Every dish has passed with distinction in the ‘taste test’ conducted by my foodie family,” answers Raghuraman, adding, “When children eat food they enjoy, they tend to be cheerful and nothing makes a parent more happy than to see their child happy. As an added benefit, the children will minimise the intake of outside food!”

When asked what is the biggest take back for a reader, from her book, Raghuraman replies, “Mother’s love nourishes children through the food they eat, and this is the reason we think about our “mother’s recipes” every single day of our lives. Imagine multiplying this love by 50 times through this book. When your little geniuses open their lunch boxes, their love for you will only go up multifold”.

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