Malaysia to Amnesia movie review: MS Bhaskar makes this comedy film tolerable


It seems director Radha Mohan delivers his best when he works with Prakash Raj or Jyothika. When he is not working with either of them, he serves up mediocre fare. Case in point is his latest movie, Malaysia to Amnesia, which was released on Zee5 on Friday.

Malaysia to Amnesia opens with Arun, played by Vaibhav Reddy, wandering around a beach in Chennai. He looks exhausted, confused and homeless. He has got a ‘who am I?’ vibe about him and he is sort of bothering the early morning joggers and walkers at the beach. Then, he’s recognized by his childhood friend, Prabhu (Karunakaran). Arun’s family is taken aback when they find him in Chennai in a disoriented state, when he was supposed to be in Malaysia attending a business meeting. To further complicate things, he seems to have lost his memory. Ergo the film’s title, Malaysia to Amnesia

Radha Mohan, who has also written the film, limits the Crazy Mohan-esque humour only to the film’s title, as the film fails to deliver in the writing department, with the use of tropes making the film feel outdated. For a film, which depends majorly on lie, deceit and adultery for humour, Malaysia to Amnesia is depressingly unwitty.

The protagonist has very little contribution to drive the narrative forward. It is, in fact, his wife Sujatha (Vani Bhojan), uncle Mannaru (M.S. Bhaskar), and Prabhu (Karunakaran) who do all the talking. Vaibhav Reddy is as clueless as Radha Mohan when it comes to his character. Vani Bhojan gives a cute performance as a dutiful housewife, who never doubts her husband. And Bhaskar, as a curious man with a list of unending questions, singlehandedly carries the film with his energetic performance and makes it tolerable.

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