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Autumn Winter 2020 is all about referencing Keanu Reeves’s Matrix character Neo. Designers across the board have showcased oversized noir coats in glistening, buttery leather. If you’re contemplating slaying with revenge dressing post the lockdown, then these sartorial armours are your best bets this season. From Alexander McQueen and Fendi to Bally and Alexander Wang – these Matrix-inspired coats were seen wreaking a multi-sensory assault seen on the likes of Bella Hadid. Stylist Sheefa Gilani recalls that when she saw – The Matrix,  she never thought it would have the impact it has had on fashion. “From long leather coats to so-called ‘Matrix-style’ sunglasses, the costumes Kym Barrett designed in the ‘90s continue to influence to this day. Especially Keanu Reeves iconic black trench coat which is more than just a classic cut. It’s versatile and a no-brainer when liked to be repeated,” says Sheefa.    

Bella Hadid

Stylist Akshay Tyagi shares, “These coats are an homage to the ‘90s – Madonna and Cher – it’s absolutely a cool badass vibe and no fuss to dress up – throw on a coat with a simple slip dress and chunky jewels – you’re set with a pair of skinny shades. Leather trenches are historically associated with very mafia Italian dressing and they add a toughness to the look along with ultra durability and function.”

These layering pieces can instantly lend gravitas to basics. Stylist Sukriti Grover suggests, “Paired it with a simple white tee, jeans and heels. Alternatively, layer it over a midi skirt and sneakers – to create an everyday look you can try combining sporty and polished pieces. A leather on leather ensemble creates an eye-catching look. The edgy combination of a leather trench coat, leather pants finished off with a pair of utilitarian boots works stunningly. Keep it simple on the top and bold on the bottom. While a leather trench is a statement piece in itself, you can create even more of an impact with brightly-colored patterned pants. One could also pair it with flared denims/pants.” 

This street style trend does not have to look like a fancy dress. Sheefa adds, “If you are a beginner, work it with neutral colours and tailored pieces to give a softer look and a more feminine edge. But, if you are confident enough to carry this look, work with leather co-ords or glam up the trench to work as a dress and don’t forget to accessorise—an excellent take on the iconic style.”  

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