Inauguration Day: Why Kamala Harris, Michelle Obama wore varying shades of purple


The historic Joe Biden-Kamala Harris Inauguration Day saw many eminent personalities in attendance. Among them were former first ladies Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Known for making political statements with her fashion choices, Michelle, once again, turned heads in a plum floor-length jacket that she wore over a matching turtleneck sweater and a pair of wide-leg trousers. She accessorised the outfit with a gold belt, black leather gloves and plain black mask. Her outfit was designed by Sergio Hudson, the Black designer who also dressed Harris for the Celebrating America TV special, according to
Michelle Obama and Kamala Harris chose shades of purple for the historic occasion. (Source: AP)
Hillary Clinton wore a purple pantsuit and a ruffled top while US Vice President Kamala Harris chose a purple dress and jacket by black designer Christopher John Rogers.

The three women wearing varying shades of purple was not just mere coincidence — it was an intentional choice of colour, as per experts, showing a literal mix of the political party colours red and blue. According to The Hill, the colours were meant to evoke a sense of solidarity, bipartisanship, and unity.

For Harris particularly, the colour holds an even more special meaning. She reportedly wore the hue during her campaign for the presidency in 2019 to honour Shirley Chisholm, who also wore purple often during her historic campaign as the first Black woman to run for President.

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