Here’s Every Inexplicably Bizarre Moment From The 2003 Live-Action Adaptation Of “The Cat In The Hat”


My opinion on this film can only be communicated in one of two ways: a rhyme, or the sound of my head hitting my desk over and over again. Since there isn’t a way to include the latter in a textual medium, we’ll have to go with the former. 

“The Cat in the Hat (2003)”

The Cat in the Hat is a movie from 2003

And I’m sorry to say it almost killed me. 

With Myers and Baldwin, and an unexpected Hilton,

My utter confusion seemed already built-in. 

I looked for the bizarre, and I found fifty-one,

But when the credits rolled, I didn’t feel done. 

Where do I go from here? Is there a way out? 

Or is there only this film, and the Cat it’s about? 

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