Dolly Parton Opened Up About Her 54-Year Marriage And Having “Sex Appeal” — And It’s Put A Huge Smile On My Face


Updated on Sep 23, 2020. Posted on Sep 23, 2020

“I’ve always been a great lover.”

You know Dolly Parton: singer, songwriter, national treasure.

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Well, you might not know that Dolly has been married to her husband, Carl Dean, for 54 years (!!).

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She met Carl in a laundromat when she was just 18. Remind me to start hanging around laundromats…

In a new interview with People, Dolly spoke all about her marriage, and it’s low-key melting my stone, cold heart.

“We still have our little times, like in the springtime when the first yellow daffodils come out,” she began. “Even if there’s still some snow around it, my husband always brings me a bouquet. And he’ll usually write me a little poem. Which, to me, that’s priceless.”

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Who just started chopping onions next to me??

The pair make sure to keep going on dates, with Dolly adding, “I’ll cook the stuff that I know we love. And I pack it up in a picnic basket. And then we’ll go find some riverbank somewhere with our little camper, park, have a picnic.”

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“Or we’ll pull up to some little Days Inn motel, go in as long as the bed’s clean and there’s a bathroom. We just do our little things like that. Or I’ll do a candlelight dinner.”

As for the one big secret to a long marriage? It’s loving! your! self!

“That’s sexy. You may not want to dress or look like me, you can take from that to be yourself. I’m a very passionate person in everything that I do, and I think passion has great sex appeal.”

“I think people are drawn to that because it’s a magic,” she continued. “It’s an energy. And I’ve always been a great lover because I’m passionate. I just feel my sensuality, my sexuality, my passion, and I don’t have to apologize for any of that.”

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Life goals = saying “I’ve always been a great lover” without a hint of sarcasm.

TL;DR: We should probably all be a bit more Dolly.

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