Channing Tatum Posted A Photo Wearing Nothing But Sweatpants And People Are Extremely Happy About It


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When you think of Channing Tatum the first image that pops into your head is his abs, naturally.

I mean, the guy did play a stripper in Magic Mike and Magic Mike XXL.

However, according to the actor, it has been a “long road” getting back to his stripper physique due to “injuries, life shit, and just insanity in general.”

But, because we deserve nice things in 2020, Channing decided to bless us with a shirtless selfie showing off his recent gains, captioning it, “Daddy is finally back boooi!!”

As you can expect, people were very, ahem, thirsty seeing the 40-year-old wearing nothing but sweatpants.

Channing tried to tell fans to pay attention the Purell bottle in the pic and “keep it clean out there,” but that didn’t work.

The thirstiness was very real:

This person was here for the “daddy” reference:

This guy believed Channing is somehow backwards and I agree:

This lady asked the question we all needed answers to:

How do YOU feel about Channing’s shirtless selfie? Is “daddy” really back? Tell me in the comments!

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