Debt charity StepChange is calling for emergency support for renters who have fallen behind on payments. Source link
The chronic shortage of lorry drivers has led haulage firms to try to attract more women to the role. Source link
Mean Girls: "You could try Sears!" Me: "Haha... is that bad!?" Have you, a non-American, ever been watching a TV...
Gift cards and bonuses are being used to fill vacancies as the hospitality sector emerges from lockdown. Source link
Mr Buffett is a co-founder of the Giving Pledge, a campaign to encourage billionaire philanthropy. Mackenzie Scott, ex-wife of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, has also signed up to the pledge and gave away more than $4bn of her fortune...
Boris Johnson says he wants to see air passenger duties on UK flights fall to help neglected areas. Source link
Demand for uniforms, computers and household accessories rose after plans to ease lockdown were published. Source link
While many already see China as the world's factory its leaders want less dependence on US technology. Source link
The food delivery firm, set to be valued at $7bn (£5bn), will also offer shares to takeaway customers. Source link
Confusion over building safety rules has left many people unable to move home without hard-to-obtain checks. Source link