Are your eyes feeling more tired than ever? Here’s how rose water can help


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Published: May 28, 2020 3:00:44 pm

Rose water is the simplest and the smartest way to quickly get the eyes to feel fresh. (Source: Getty/Thinkstock)
For many people who are working from home, their work hours have increased in lockdown. This puts a lot of pressure not only on their overall health, but also their eyes that bear the most. Increased exposure to laptops and phones can cause the eyes to burn, feel watery and sometimes itchy, too. It, therefore, becomes important that you pay extra attention to the eyes, and look away from the screens when you begin to feel the pressure. Additionally, experts suggest that washing the eyes every now and then also helps.

With summers here, the eyes are likely to burn more than usual, even when you are home. This could be because of long work hours and the heat. As such, it is important to take care and soothe them every now and then. It is simple; all you need is some rose water and some cotton balls. Why rose water, you ask? It is the simplest and the smartest way to quickly get the eyes to feel fresh.

* Sometimes, our eyes feel the strain when the mind is working overtime. It is necessary that you give your brain some rest. In order to calm down your overactive brain, you can add a little bit of rosewater on the cotton ball and apply gently on the eyelids. As the essence seeps in, the mind also begins to relax more. Also, rose water has a great fragrance which can calm your nerves.

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* Rose water is also believed to have some analgesic properties, meaning it can act as a pain reliever. So, on days your eyes feel sore and tired, just apply a few drops and decrease the fatigue. It will give you immense relief.

* Rose water is also said to boost the health of eyes. It is considered to be an ayurvedic remedy for sores, itches and burning sensations. When you are done for the day, just use it on your eyes.

How to go about it

Using rose water is the simplest thing there is. Just take a cotton ball and add a few drops. Close your eyes and place it on the eyelids for 15 minutes for the relaxing effect.

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In case you have red eyes, apply a few drops into your eyes to fight the redness and the burning sensation. Close your eyes thereafter and relax for a good 20 minutes or so. You can even do this to clean your eyes and remove the pollutants and dirt.

Applying a little bit of rose water under the eyes can also fight the puffiness and dark circles.

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