Anand Sharma ‘disgusted by hooliganism’ outside Kapil Sibal’s house, urges Sonia Gandhi to take action


Senior Congress leader Anand Sharma on Thursday expressed disgust over party workers’ protest outside Kapil Sibal’s house after he raised questions over the functioning of the Congress and asked AICC chief Sonia Gandhi to take strong action against those involved.

“Shocked and disgusted to hear the news of attack and hooliganism at Kapil Sibal’s house. This deplorable action brings disrepute to the party and needs to be strongly condemned,” Sharma said in a series of tweets. He asserted that Congress has a history of upholding freedom of expression. Those responsible must be identified and disciplined, Sharma said. “Urging Congress president Smt Sonia Gandhi to take cognisance and strong action,” he said in a tweet.

Amid the ongoing Punjab crisis, Sibal has demanded that an immediate meeting of the Congress Working Committee (CWC) be convened and wondered who in the party was taking decisions in the absence of a full-time president.

Sibal pointed out that those whom the Gandhi family considered close had deserted them, unlike the G-23 leaders (the group that wrote to Sonia Gandhi demanding sweeping changes in the party structure) who were still with them, though not as “yes-men”.

Sibal’s press conference followed a letter to Sonia Gandhi by a fellow member of the Group of 23, Ghulam Nabi Azad. Both Azad and Sibal again demanded elections to the post of the party president.

In the evening, there were protests outside Sibal’s house by Congress workers shouting slogans of “Gaddaron, party chhoro (traitors leave the party)”.

Delhi Congress chief Anil Chaudhary said they were workers from Sibal’s old constituency of Chandni Chowk, adding that while he didn’t agree with Sibal’s remarks, he condemned such protests.

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