21 American Food Products That Look Totally Different In Other Countries


Posted 3 minutes ago

Wait, Cool Ranch Doritos are called what?!


Axe body spray is called Lynx in Australia (for copyright reasons).


In Europe, Budweiser is a different brand of beer — so you’ll find American Budweiser sold as just Bud.

@ravinglogic @sandikbarr That’s the original ( and better, since it doesn’t use rice) Budweiser. Adolphus Busch ripped off the name when he started brewing in the US. In the EU, the beer labeled Budweiser is still the original Budweiser. The American Budweiser has to be called Bud in Europe.

Have you traveled to or live in a different country and want to tell us which American food products are totally different? Let us know in the comments!

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